Citizen Media Center is Born!

The Citizen Media Center is here! The 21st century was to be a new era of journalism, a new era of citizen media enabled by digital and social media. Bloggers, new media storytellers, podcasters, new media journalists, YouTubers, and multimodal artists took up the call and showed us how this new era might usher in a more democratic literate society. Tired of complaining about the failings of establishment media, these new media activists became the media.

However, it is not enough to simply celebrate this new era. In order to sustain citizen media we must invest in, support, and help expand the promise. There’s a lot at stake. If our democracy is to respond to the needs and desires of everyday people, we need a media infrastructure that privileges everyday people and their struggles. Many of this new generation of citizen media activists are already doing amazing work. The Citizen Media Center aims to be a crucial hub for supporting, training, and expanding citizen media.

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