Mission and Vision


Training and supporting emerging and seasoned social justice and democracy-seeking activists and advocates in PA and the region in effective uses of citizen media.


The Citizen Media Center exists to help passionate advocates for social justice and democracy create media strategies and train a new generation of citizen journalists committed to expanding democratic participation and citizen engagement. The dominance of corporate media, excessive money in the political process, and a historic defunding of the public sector has left too many communities and voices sidelined or silenced. The rise of new media tools – social media, blogs, smartphones – has made it possible for individuals and groups to create their own messages on their own terms and has been heralded as a new democratization of the media. However, tools do not work themselves. It is not enough for tools to exist; citizens must also have access to education, training, forums, and workshops on how to use these tools effectively for the greatest impact. Further, in order for citizen media to be sustainable, there must be educational and financial resources available for individuals and organizations to support their work. The Citizen Media Center is that place to nurture new generations of citizen media activists who will deepen democratic participation, expand social justice, and cultivate the next generation of democratic journalism.

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